Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 3-4

Hi all,

Since I wrote so much on the last post, I think this time I will try and let the new videos do all the talking. Enjoy!

(The first is a video of us taking a bumpy ride out of Accra towards Kumasi. I'll never take paved roads for granted again)

(The second video is us taking the road from Kumasi to Tamale at high speeds)

(The third video is of me taking a walk around with my uncle around his farm outside of Tamale. Of course, I can't forget my cousin, little Jimmy)

(The fourth video is a brief tour of my late grandmother's community. This one kind of speaks for itself)

Sorry for taking a little longer to get the posts for these last two days out. We just got to Ekumdipe today so internet has been a little rougher. Tomorrow, we really get to work on the system and I'll give you a chance to see the community yourself.


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