Friday, December 17, 2010

Phase 2 - Day 2

And today we began our journey to Ekumdipe. I flew into Accra, Ghana early at 5 am in the morning. The plan was to meet with Adam at the airport and get right onto the road to Ekumdipe, about a 12-hour drive (would be 3-4 hours with a paved road…). After standing for about an hour at baggage claim, Africa welcomed me back by losing my one and only bag. So, off I headed to Ekumdipe with nothing but my passport and a book. Hopefully the airline will find it in their hearts to send the bags to Tamale airport. We made the long journey safely (getting lost only for about an hour and with no flat tires!). Tomorrow is the funeral ceremony for the Chief who passed away a year and a half ago (this is his second and last funeral). Tonight, everyone will stay up through the night playing drums, dancing, singing, and socializing. Feels good to be back….


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